The STEAMOLUS materials contain three kinds of cards: [1] introductory cards to present the goals and structure of the materials (including a template to allow to create your own cards); [2] cards to perform the first steps on different technologies and [3] the activity cards to stimulate the creativeness with those technologies.

These materials can be used in a school where the teachers can join students while they explore the technologies to achieve the suggested goals. Or as stand-alone materials used by self-learners as a guidance to explore the possibilities of such technologies.

You can follow the project activity on this twitter account: @steamolus.

You can download a high-resolution preview of the STEAMOLUS materials here: PDF sample.

Book-Cover-SAMPLEOr you can view and link a low-resolution online preview of STEAMOLUS in The Book section: (if you link pages, replace the temporary domain by use the permanent domain